We got a logo!!!

The Autism Speaks Walk is just around the corner and we finally got our logo figured out thanks to my wonderful friends Rodrigo e Luciana Barranco from Magic Press Corporation. I sent them some ideas of what I had in mind and they were able to deliver exactly what I wanted. Hope you all like it as much as we did.

We decided to go with the butterfly because we feel the symbology behind it is just perfect. It represents something that is unique and without a doubt every person with autism is unique. It is like they say if you know one person with autism, you know one person with autism. There is no one like the other. Guto is unique in so many ways, and he is beautiful just the way he is. The butterfly is about the transformation. Transformation that not only Guto is going through, but all of us around him as well. The butterfly antennae have hearts to represent our unconditional love for that amazing boy. We will always be there for him no matter what. He is our most precious gift from God. He is The Sweetest Gift of all!

We also used the puzzles because in my opinion the puzzles represent the pieces we need to figure out what autism is all about. It does not mean that my son, or another autistic person, is a puzzle in any way. My son is not missing any pieces, he is complete. Like I say before the puzzle represents the disorder and not the person.

So here is the logo we will be using in our blog and the T-shirts for the Autism Speaks Walk. Let us know what you think!

logo_tsg_img_high-2    sticker2_tsg_img_high sticker1_tsg_img_high