A week at the beach

The morning after the walk my parents, Guto and I went to Florida to enjoy a week at the beach.

Guto behaved so well the whole trip on our way to Florida, despite taking us over 5 hours to get there. We got to the hotel and got settled hoping Guto would go down for a nap, but since his schedule was all messed up the last thing he wanted to do was sleep! We ended up going for a walk on the beach and explored our surroundings. Guto played for a little while at beach and after bath he was done. He didn’t even get to see my Brazilian friend Karen, her husband and two kids, who came to visit us since they lived close by.

Guto didn’t seem to like the beach as much as he did in August when we went to Clearwater. He loves the water, but he didn’t want to stay in it for to long like he usually does. He seemed to enjoy the pool a lot more than the ocean this time. So we didn’t spend as much time at the beach as we were hoping we would. My parents and I love the beach, but Guto doesn’t, at least not as much on this particular trip.


We didn’t mind that he didn’t want to stay on the beach, we loved seeing him having fun at the pool and that was all that mattered. My boy had a blast. Even without eating much during that week, I am not sure why his appetite was so poor, his energy level was high. We would have a full day playing on the beach and the pool and he would still have energy to jump on the bed at night and fight to go to sleep. I could tell by his eating habits and sleep patterns that his routine was definitely messed up, but he was on a good mood so we were not too worried.

On the day before our scheduled departure, hurricane Matthews arrived on the east coast of Florida. Lucky for us we were on the opposite side and we were able to go to the beach on that Thursday morning, but then we got rain and a lot of wind that night.

We had planned to spend Friday morning at the pool before getting on the plane in the end of that afternoon, but with Matthews close by we decided to change our plans and we ended up spending the day at the mall and the airport. As always, Guto surprised me having a great time just playing and running around. I thought he would get bored and be upset, but he was content just playing and running around. I could tell by the end of our trip that he was getting tired of it since his behavior started to get more aggressive, but luckily we made it home without any issues, except for a couple of bruises and a lot of good memories.