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Thank you!

I am not going to say that our journey has been easy, it is never easy receiving a diagnosis for a loved one, any kind of diagnosis, and every person copes in a different way. What may be painful to me, may not be painful for someone else. The way I handled my struggles everyday may not be the same way you would, but I am so glad that in this journey I have family and friends I can count on and that respect my way of dealing with it.

“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.” ~Albert Schweitzer

I am not sure I have thanked everyone that has supported my family through this journey. If you are reading this you are a member of “the sweetest gift family” 🙂 So here is a small gesture of gratitude to all our family and friends that have been by our side every step of the way. Some close, some from far away. We are truly blessed for having you all in our lives. THANK YOU is not enough, but it is all we have.

“Make it a habit to tell people thank you.  To express your appreciation,  sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return.  Truly appreciate those around you,  and you’ll soon find many others around you.  Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.” ~ Ralph Marston

Here are some pictures of our “The Sweetest Gift Family”, because we are not just a team!!! I will update this page with pictures as we get them! By the way, you can still get a t-shirt, just send a message to



Arkansas – USA
familia-guta-e-mari img_0535_fotortaty-e-familia rosangela-familybrandon emma

A week at the beach

The morning after the walk my parents, Guto and I went to Florida to enjoy a week at the beach.

Guto behaved so well the whole trip on our way to Florida, despite taking us over 5 hours to get there. We got to the hotel and got settled hoping Guto would go down for a nap, but since his schedule was all messed up the last thing he wanted to do was sleep! We ended up going for a walk on the beach and explored our surroundings. Guto played for a little while at beach and after bath he was done. He didn’t even get to see my Brazilian friend Karen, her husband and two kids, who came to visit us since they lived close by.

Guto didn’t seem to like the beach as much as he did in August when we went to Clearwater. He loves the water, but he didn’t want to stay in it for to long like he usually does. He seemed to enjoy the pool a lot more than the ocean this time. So we didn’t spend as much time at the beach as we were hoping we would. My parents and I love the beach, but Guto doesn’t, at least not as much on this particular trip.


We didn’t mind that he didn’t want to stay on the beach, we loved seeing him having fun at the pool and that was all that mattered. My boy had a blast. Even without eating much during that week, I am not sure why his appetite was so poor, his energy level was high. We would have a full day playing on the beach and the pool and he would still have energy to jump on the bed at night and fight to go to sleep. I could tell by his eating habits and sleep patterns that his routine was definitely messed up, but he was on a good mood so we were not too worried.

On the day before our scheduled departure, hurricane Matthews arrived on the east coast of Florida. Lucky for us we were on the opposite side and we were able to go to the beach on that Thursday morning, but then we got rain and a lot of wind that night.

We had planned to spend Friday morning at the pool before getting on the plane in the end of that afternoon, but with Matthews close by we decided to change our plans and we ended up spending the day at the mall and the airport. As always, Guto surprised me having a great time just playing and running around. I thought he would get bored and be upset, but he was content just playing and running around. I could tell by the end of our trip that he was getting tired of it since his behavior started to get more aggressive, but luckily we made it home without any issues, except for a couple of bruises and a lot of good memories.

The Walk!

My parents got here at the end of September and it is always wonderful to have them around. I thought I would have tons of spare time with them being here to write the blog and catch up on things, but was I mistaken! It seems like I was even busier than ever.

We participated for the first time in the Autism Speaks Walk a couple of days after they arrived. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I wish we had got to the Clinton Library earlier, but it was not easy to get Guto out of bed that morning. He woke up a bit indisposed and we were afraid he might actually be getting sick. But when we got there and Guto saw the stage it didn’t take long for him to go up on it and try to get into everything he could.

The organization was great. There were a lot more people than what I expected. I loved seeing all the families supporting their loved ones. I am not sure if it was because there were so many people, but Guto was not on his best mood and just wanted to stay in the bouncy house. Therefore I didn’t walk around to see all the tents and people that were there, but as far as I could tell everything was a success.


My heart was full to see family and friends together supporting us. Our team was awesome as you can see in the picture. There aren’t enough words to say how thankful I am for everyone that came (from close by and far away) and helped to make this day even more special. The actual walk was pretty short and afterwards most of our team went to CafĂ© Bossa Nova for lunch. Nothing like celebrating this great day with family, friends and good food.


“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” – Mandy Hale

PS: more pictures to follow

First big event

Life can be crazy busy, and even working only on weekends the last few months have been full of activities and I haven’t found the time to update the blog. It is like that saying “time flies when you are having fun!” . But here I am to resume the blog update!!!

One of my best friends here in the US got married on September 23rd. It was a small wedding, but the idea of having to keep Guto still for a while just made my body shake. The first thing that I thought was “I am going to ask my in laws to keep him, this way we won’t have to worry about him getting in the middle of the ceremony and we would be able to enjoy the party”. It just so happened that my in-laws had already planned on going out of town that weekend so I guess it was meant to be a test for us! That’s one of the downsides of living so far away from my family. But we made it work.

We managed to get everybody ready on time for the party, including Guto! We were invited just for the reception because the actual ceremony was just for close family members. We got to my friends house at the time she asked us to. All the guests were supposed to wait for the newlyweds outside the house to welcome them. When it was thought they were getting close, everyone went outside and got ready. It took a little longer for the newlyweds to the reception than expected. I won’t lie, it was making me very nervous as I knew Guto was not going to stay still for long. He was getting inpatient and just wanted to walk around, especially on the street.

Luckily they had a drone flying around to wait for the couple and that kept Guto entertained for a while. It was beautiful when they got to the reception. Guto liked the petals that were thrown at them. They also had a friend playing the “piano,” which was another thing Guto enjoyed. And we all enjoyed watching him dance.

I am sure the picture that was taken of everyone there was not exactly what my friend had in mind as Guto would not stay still and would stop in front of everybody. I am glad my friend is so awesome and didn’t care. She even told the photographer, as she was asking us to pick him up and take him out of the front of the picture, to just go ahead and take the picture anyway.

Overall he was pretty well behaved. I believe that he behaved as most typical toddlers would in an event like that. He just got mad when I wouldn’t let him get inside the pool, but I was able to distract him with music, which as before, we all enjoyed seeing him dance until it was time for us to go home. In the end, we survived taking him to our first wedding!

Survivors faces
Survivors faces